Tackling the tire mountion -recycling plants in Salmi get to work

During her speech, She spoke about the process of transferring the tires from (Rohya) South Saad Al-Abdulla Area at the beginning, after cutting them and transferring the equivalence of 1 million and a hundred tires monthly according to the time plan provided by the Council of Ministers which was led by Minister of Commerce and other related agencies.

During the visit, she also indicated that tires were moved and stored according to a certain criteria that is in accordance to Kuwait Fire Force and Environment Public Authority in order to avoid fires.


She also explained that the work began in the construction of a tire plant in the Salmi Area over an area estimated at 20,000 square meters in 2019, consisting of a production line with a production capacity for recycling tires estimated at 1 million to 3 million tire annually, equivalent to 8300 tires per month. Knowing that the number of damaged tires annually in Kuwait ranges from 1.5 million to 2 million tires, which would lead to the production line at the plant and its capacity to solve the problem of tires and storing them significantly. The construction of the factory would lead to major and effective resolution of the problem of tires, the prevention of occupation of large areas for storage and final resolution of the tire problem and the fires that have caused numerous accidents over the previous years.

Construction of the plant and installation of production line were completed by the beginning of 2020, In addition, Engineer Alaa Hasan spoke about exports in 2021 to surrounding gulf countries, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Asia, specifically India.