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Fishbones Technology

Completion Simulation: a new technology serving the oil  sector through enhancing oil production.

Soil remediation

A new technology that enhanced bioremediation processes. can be also used to transfer bioremediation supporting agents to targeted areas in both contaminated saturated and unsaturated zones.

Artificial Lift

A modern technology for pumps used in oil wells, aiding in the reduction of time, cost and effort using an enhanced technology that is more advanced than other traditional technologies.

Enhance Oil Recovery

A new technology using circulation heating refers to the use of independent heating system of closed cycle

Water Shut-Off

Integrated services including laboratory studies, reservoir simulation, operation design and field assistance,

Drilling and other related services

Coil tubing, Slick line, logging and simulation is a part of EPSCO focus in the near future by partnership with international companies to cover Kuwait market demand.

Rig location – Site preparation

Covering all activities related to earth works such as Back-filling, compaction, Rig Road construction, Loose soil replacement, …. etc.

Oil and Gas ServicesTechnologies Details

Oil and Gas ProductsChemicals and Other Products

In House Production by Group
  • Sulphuric Acid 98%
  • Battery Acid
  • De Mineralized Water (DM Water)
  • Bio-Ethanol
  • Liquid CO2 food grade
  • Crumb Rubber
  • TDF – Tire Drive Fuel
  • Fine mesh Powder
  • Ferric Chloride Liquid / Powder

  • Citric Acid Liquid / Powder

  • Microsilica G92 / G85

  • Barite Sp.Gr.  4.20 Minimum

  • Hematite Sp.Gr.  5.10 Minimum

  • Cenosphere Sp.Gr.  0.85 Maximum

  • Cement G-Class oil well cement

  • Cement Fly Ash cement

  • Cement Additives

  • Simulation additives

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