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EPSCO has a partnership with international company specialized in exterior and interior design, which is executed locally by the construction arm in the group Some projects already executed and others under progress in Kuwait


José A. FLORES is an internationally known Interior designer who implemented his projects among other locations in Marbella, Dubai, Paris, London, Teheran and the US.

The philosophy and success of José is based on his passion for design, his creativity, constant strive to provide support to his clients, and a solid team with experienced professionals allowing a continuous flow and fusion of ideas that lead to astonishing design concepts every time. They are able to handle amazing projects for villas, hotels, restaurants, clubs, as well as furniture design and accessories.

The professionals on Jose’s side working on each project are among the best in their field and work closely to fulfill client's demands. The technical developments of the projects are done through virtualizations in 3D and animated floor plans.
You could define the style of JAFLORES as modern with classical influences, but certainly what is striking is the high quality of sophistication, elegance and subtlety involved in each of his projects. This is where you can appreciate the passion and respect he has for his profession.
His creations have a warm and soothing feel, he goes beyond the limits of fashion, but always remembering the essentials of interior design.
Over 20 years of experience worldwide have led José to take another step in his creative process, designing his own line of exclusive furniture of more than 50 carefully designed pieces, which is visible in showrooms in Europe and marketed
through distributers internationally. In all his creations you can see a carefully studied mixture of textures, colors and personality as well as multicultural elements

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Epsco Sustainable Residential Tower ProjectsHESSA AL MUBARAK

Hessah Al-Mubarak District is a new city project.

It is the first-ever comprehensive, mixed-use district in Kuwait open for GCC Citizens.  With its unique prime location, overlooking the sea, and its close proximity to the downtown business hub, Hessah Al-Mubarak District promises its residents and those who work there an unprecedented experience. This urban cluster combines leisure, shopping, offices, and living areas with the assurance of delivering a quality lifestyle.

EPSCO owns private land in this area.
We are looking to build a Residential Building with one apartment /floor for privacy with all services and amenities included (underground parking, gym, water features, gardens, mezzanine, etc.) and following city rules and guidelines.

Our main vision and goal for this project are to make the building as sustainable and as self-sufficient as possible using the best technologies found out there. It is something unique in Kuwait!