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A word from leadershipChairman & CEO
Eng. Alaa Hassan

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of EPSCO Global. Since 2012 my team and I have worked hard on earning our clients trust over the years. The foundation to our success has been a simple but important belief:

        "We strive to generate higher earnings while fostering a culture built on the highest ethical values, our love for Kuwait and the planet, providing alternative solution for client's challenges while saving this planet one inch at a time. "


God Bless Kuwait, God bless you all

Alaa Hassan

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Our MainServices and Solutions

Oil & Gas - Fishbones Technology

Completion Simulation: a new technology serving the oil  sector through enhancing oil production.

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Green Industries

Plant Construction, recycling services and manufacturing/production of  Bioethanol and Biodiesel with technologies holding worldwide patents and first ranks for  green industries.

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Oil & Gas - Water Shut-Off

Integrated services including laboratory studies, reservoir  simulation, operation design and field assistance, technical expertise and product advisory  and provision.

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Medical Sector

Equipment & Pharmaceuticals: covering all the medical needs of the  Kuwaiti Ministry of Health (MOH) with high tech equipment, pharmaceuticals, supplies and  advanced niche products of different portfolio.

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Oil & Gas - RoMotor TM

Directly Driven Oil Pumping Unit: a modern technology for  pumps used in oil wells, aiding in the reduction of time, cost and effort using an enhanced  technology that is more advanced than other traditional technologies.

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Offering consultancy services on green industries and ecological projects as  well as cost cutting initiatives for new and existing manufacturing plants. Please contact us for more information.

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Established in 2012

 EPSCO is specialized in the Oil & Gas services involving unconventional environment  friendly technologies, green industries, smart technologies, medical and HSE  equipment trading. Current projects are with KOC, KNPC, PAI, Ministry of Health and  the Fire Department

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