Our Vision, Mission & Strategy

Our Vision

To be the leading and most innovative service providers in the GCC region, offering state of the arttechnologies to its clients in the Oil and Gas andIndustrial sectors

Our Mission

EPSCO is in the contracting, construction and commercial business. The Company is committed to deliver excellent services to all clients in a quality, efficient and timely manner. We rely on a team of highly experienced, talented and motivated staff.

The Companystrives to be recognized for itsoperational excellence, unique partnerships,sustainable growth,and safe operations. We are a value driven service provider dealing with local and international agencies and utilizing efficient equipment in an environment responsiblemanner, for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Our Strategy

  • To maintain the highest service standards, through providing professional, efficient and reliable services to the clients.
  • Providing topnotch new technologies and valuable technical expertise.
  • Focusing on sustainable growth in the GCC region through adding value to the sectors we operate in.
  • Leveraginglocal and international strategicpartnerships and relationships.
  • Enhancing our technical and commercial skills to operateefficiently and safely.