About US

EPSCO Global General Contracting For Buildings

Established in 2014, EPSCO was incorporated in Kuwait as a general contracting for building company, with two main shareholders. Ever since its incorporation, EPSCO has been actively involved in a number of significant projects both in Kuwait and the GCC region. The Company’s main clients have been governmental organizations as well as private entities in both the Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors.

The Company is also engaged in unique partnerships with the best international agencies and world leading Companies, providing state-of the art equipment and technologies. EPSCO dedicated its focus to be on the green industry and bio-fuel innovative technologies as a well as new technologies enhancing oil production in the Oil & Gas sector.

Who are we?

  • EPSCO Global is a General Contracting For Building Company. The Company operates in the Oil & Gas and Industrial sectors.
  • In the Oil & Gas sector, EPSCO is specialized in providing services for the sector and introducing exclusive modern and innovative technologies.
  • As for the Industrial sector, the Company specializes in the areas of manufacturing, plant construction and green industries.
  • The Company also trades and invests in Oil & Gas and industrial products.
  • EPSCO is committed to providing excellent services to all its customers in both sectors and other government agencies, both in Kuwait and other countries.
  • We provide services with high quality and efficiency and in a timely manner, while maintaining high HSE standards.